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le premier

Bol d'Or Classic 2005


Just after the Ton Up, the J.N. Gindrat's Yellow Peril team's Norton Seeley, with Vincent Eisen and Gerard Roland-Piègue at the commands let us stare at a tremendous fight, and brought to many the flavour of the good old days! Only a broken belt in the last lap of the first race prevented them from winning.
But one thing is sure, Norton is still alive in the heart of many, as we could hear people shouting and supporting her!

in front of the stand fixing that b... belt last check up Le Mans type start The Unapproachable Norton, day and night.
Yellow Peril at work : not bad, leaving the (winning) Kawa Godier-Genoud, (pilots A.Genoud - G. Hampe) and the 2003 Bol winner, a very very special Guzzi Le Mans and cooked Hondas.
732 cm3 vs 1000 cm3 heavyweights. And don't forget : 3 pole positions out of four at the practises, leading at the first and second row.
  1. night flight de nuit le podium
    The Commando/Seeley/Gindrat is well known of the Vibrations (french NOC's paper) readers. At the 1st edition of the Bol Classic, she finished 42 nd with J.N. Gindrat & R. Bilger plagued by gearbox troubles, and was DNF last year due to a general crash.
    (see the bike's évolution
    Bauman - Bonera 's  Rob North Trident
ps : in the same race, Steve et Bruno Perlinski finish 36th on a Norton Mk 4. David Pliquet & Le Bars 33rd on a Trident.
P. Sharp Phil & P. Rubis (Manx) respectively 2 & 4 in Afamac Vintage serie; in IHRO series the same P. Sharp (Manx Tickle) is winner with S. Baumann 3rd (Manx).
Surely that was a good week end for the grey/black & reds (and sometimes yellow)!
images © M. Leytère / J.N. Gindrat / M. Mielle
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