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Britalia 2006

Bugey Woogie Bourgoin-Jallieu is better known for the rugby team, but will now be also renowned for the fantastic and clean roads, the Alps scenery, the warm welcome, the top organization and the excellent food. Thanks to Nabs & Zen, no time was wasted to look for Easter eggs during the runs!
a Triton / Ital Club de France job
Saturday, a run in the Bugey. Nabs & son T100 I'm a poor lonesome Calif' halte au château dégustation Velocette Nabs Triton Tridents Morini 3 1/2 Olivier & Alex Daniel Vincent Ducati 860 GT Benelli 900 Sei Laverda 750 GT Laverda RGS1000 Corsa AJS Bonneville
Sunday a 300 km run across the wartime famous Vercors (where 4.000 poorly armed resisted to 20.000 Jerries including elite airborne Waffen SS in june 44) and Grenoble. The pace on the return run was, let's say, steady, but happily no speed trap was out on that sunday!
le bon air de Grenoble jetons un oeil sur le plan les oeufs Nono le rodage se passe bien col de la Machine le Vercors Ducati 900 SS Jean Paul le Magnifique le hamster Olivier Bruno Serge Yves cascade Serge discussion au sommet Mike hailwood Replica Jean Marie Squariel sur le banc Morini 3 1/2
images © A. K. / S. Mayer
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