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Frimas 2002


A new turn

So, as they said, Emmanuel and Jean Luc resigned and have left their places to Georges Van Hove (Paris) and Jean Robert Haye (Angers) respectively elected as Président and Treasurer. For the first time we also have a Vice President, Alain Hérault, from Saint Etienne.

brain trust alignement dedans new Prez JR & Alain étangs
On the sunday morning we discovered that, besides the boring straights of the "Nationales" roads, there are plenty of nice and twisty "B" roads across lovely and unexpected landscapes like the Somme valley ponds.
en route étangs 2 église de Rocquigny
église de Rocquigny
But too many are the roads signs to remind us that 88 years ago the place was less peaceful.

Frimas 2001

This time, we nearly had snow, quite normal for a winter outing...
Inter 47 ex Argentine Dunstall Cafe racer de Michel le Chti

ne fonctionne pas sous Opera Frimas is the name of our first event of the year, held together with the AGM, usually at the beginning of March. It is traditionnally held in the North, were the club debuted a lot of years ago.

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The Norton Owners Club french branch is one of the largest branch of the NOC, founded in 1959.

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