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Frimas 2003



Question : Why is the Morvan grass (in Burgundy) so green?
Answer : To help make Charolais beef one of the best meat in the world... And also because it rains probably more than in other parts of the country!
And saturday was no surprise : it rained, and not a few. But...
Sunday was certainly a good day for mushroom hunters, as the sun came and stayed to let us enjoy a really, really great Frimas.

tiens, voilà du boudin tee shirt Vince When arriving, people were welcomed with a warm piece of (home made) black pudding. And a (black) tee shirt too.
Alain tout en finesse compteur Gus Kuhn Daniel sur sa Gus Kuhn la Gus Kuhn à Marcel Rickman Poupette 2003
It was also outstanding by the number and the quality of runners up : 94 from as far as Angers or Toulouse.
Sunday 's program (visit of cellars - including wine tasting and other local stuff-), nice weather and the great saturday evening helped us to definitively forget the wet times.

One thing is for sure, time has passed too fast! And everybody 's ready to do it again!
images © photos D. Mauduit / M. Mielle

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