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Frimas 2013

Chédigny, Touraine

Pierrot & Bruno7 Triton Marley & LéonPJTrident PJ Régis rêve Patrick Crevette
Sunday morning, Dom started the Manx 1939. With a strong castor oil smell!
S replica S replica S replica Patrick
This year'sAGMwas more important than ever as we had to discuss of the International Rally. Too bad, too few members feel concerned by tha AGM.

AG : JR Geoff Ernesto JC Ben Alain & Alain AG : Alain Patrick Bibi & Lapinou AG Ernesto & Jean-Claude

Triumph Trail Blazer 250 BSA twin
Touraine andt touraine-amboise are the name of the local wines, with a reputation dating from before the Renaissance....
front de mer Cave halte dégustation 99SS monocarbu Pascal

en balade apéro Chenonceaux
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The Norton Owners Club french branch is one of the largest branch of the NOC, founded in 1959.

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