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Saint Pompon

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We had the privilege to host the International Rally this year 2001 and it was held in june in Saint Pompon (no "t" Mr Michelin!), in the Dordogne. Our program : good food, saturday and sunday runs on superb roads in the St Pompon - Belvès - Le Bugue triangle. Thanks to a lot of local help (mainly from the St Pompon and Belvès townships), to the fantastic landscapes and to the sun, not forgetting the pool (mandatory!), good music (good vibrations)... and also to all those who came and rode from everywhere and sometimes very far away countries.

drapeau inter chargée roadster j plateau TS ne fonctionne pas sous Opera 5 Bikes arrived from the beginning of the week, in different ways, but all are welcomed with a tee shirt.The successfull cocktail : mix about a hundred Englishmen, 14 Scots, 1 Manxman, 21 Dutch, a half-dozen Belgians, 5 Swisses, 2 Spaniards, 2 Austrians, etc...
Ah! and 119 Frenchmen as well.

Cadouin Belvès 3 portail
En route, rehydration stops at Cadouin, at Monpazier and at Belvès. triskel Monpazier Belvès 2 Belvès
Saturday, picnic at St Pardoux from a local caterer.
traiteur pique nique duo Scottish corner St Pompon St Pompon
Saturday evening, at Scottish corner ...and at St Pompon as well, it's drink time. Later we go dancing.
And the same programme applies on sunday! danse danse2



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