England 2000


...aka "Millenium Rally"

Once again starting with rain (the camera was a victim, thus few shots!) and ending under a fantastic sunshine! Not forgetting nostalgia during the visit to Brooklands and a huge exhibition of Nortons including very rare ones...

Brooklands 4 Brooklands 2 Brooklands 3 side 1 single 1 Brooklands lunch
tee shirt
* Ah! Mr Norton, I'd like a few words with you...

the tee shirt (and the spartan breakfast) reminds us that Bisley (our campground) is a military training ground.

images © M. Mielle / Jos Ostrycharczyk
Switzerland 1999

affiche suisse

 ...... 300km through driving rain to find at last... the Simplon pass in a terrific mist! Happily, sun was waiting over the other side and didn't leave us until we went home!

station service fog Simplon 3 halt twisty on ze roude again.. row Bellinzona lunchtimeBikes at restrestaurant International Inter vintages camping Denis joli petit bout de Tessin Saturno sport gang side 2 side P R Classic Commander F1 spéciale hat best spécial awards retour Simplon back
images © M. Boué / A. K.
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