16H WD

La 16H WD de Phiphi à MotoSalon 2000 - 1 La 16H WD de Phiphi à MotoSalon 2000 - 2
More than 100 000 were built for military purposes and 16 H's took part to all the battles. Due to the rebuilts in military workshops, it is quite impossible to have matching frame and engine n°.

La 16H WD de Phiphi à MotoSalon 2000 - 1
This model arrived in France during the Allies landing in 1944 , and was found as a basket case near Nantes in '94. Missing parts were found in british autojumbles, & from Garreau, the former Norton importer in France. It took two years to restaure it, & finding the military equipment was a hard task. Finally parts were located in Avranche, by english friends & again in autojumbles, this time in Normandy. The Army half-matt Olive Drab comes from Birmingham.

Model 50 1936 350cm3

Sold on july 1st 1936 to some mr. Johnston by a Southampton dealer. Commandeered in 1939 by Royal Air Force, sent to France beginning '40, left at Dunkerque! Swaped in pieces and only 80% complete, for a Panhard engine in 1972, left in the cellar until 1992 and reassembled during the following 2 years. Since it has covered more than 8500 km - of which 4200 during the "Tour de France 2000". Geoff à Frimas 2001 M 50 tableau de bord
Model 30 International "Garden Gate" 500cm3
International cadre Garden Gate le moteur Inter Inter-gauche
Model 30 International 1949 500cm3

The very machine exposed at the 1949 Bruxelles show, it sports a specific color and only 1700 km at the dial! .
réservoir salon de Bruxelles
Model 30 International Featherbed 500cm3
Inter Featherbed décalcomanie cadrans Inter Featherbed M30

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