S 1970
latérale guidon S S & Fastback S 3/4 arrière phare S
Fastback Long Range 750cm3
Long Range 1 Long Range 2
1969 750cm3

750 cc of sheer pleasure, that's how I can summarize my Commando! It left the Norton Factory in the beginning of 1969, serial n° 127795, not yet a Fastback. In May 2000 I bought it from the second owner, having been looking for that precise model for a long time. Unrestored, it has been maintained with care. I keep on doin' so. Thanks to that, it's a first time starter, revs superbly, holds the road well, brakes correctly, is honorably trusty and leaks just the amount not to let you forget it.

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           <a href= gauche côté gauche de près

Fitted with a single carb, it's even more torquey. The trailer is not my cup of tea and when I go to an event, I ride it. This year I attended the International Rallye, the N'eurton and a few other events. 2002 programme includes TT and though Scandinavia is quite far, I consider going to the Rally. I nevertheless have had to get accustomed to the Beaut, as it can prove to be a bit temperamental. My first outing was the Norman Scramble at Bauval en Caux. It ran dry on the way home. Was my fault, as I had not correctly estimated the tank and reserve capacities. On a sunday evening, alone, under the rain in the middle of the country, a great fun! Happily one of those guys that makes you suddenly feel a great love for the human kind took me in his car to go and fetch the precious liquid. I also started twice to Saint Pompon, place of the Rallye. First attempt aborted 20 miles from Paris, electrical trouble. Back home I found that the brand new zener I changed 15 days before was out of duty again. Rage ! After 30 years of motorcycling on several makes (that I don't reny, even the japaneses), riding the Old English Bike I rediscovered long forgotten sensations. Please don't change anything for me!

Atlas 750cm3
Atlas roue avantselle
Model 99 600cm3
Twins 99 99
Model 88 500cm3 1956

Bought in 1995 in an horrific, but complete state (needing new paint, petrol tank and seat, wheels needing rebuilding) engine and gearbox OK (it fired at second kick). Restoration took two years, and a huge problem was to find the genuine colour hue.Blown engine after 999 km - unscrewed conrod cap. Engine rebuilt - valve guide seized. Engine rebuilt - blown piston - (a bit of rust detached from the gas tank, poorly cleaned before getting plasticized (by a preceding owner) and went in the engine. Engine rebuilt since.

88 2

Engine rebuilt - blown piston - (a bit of rust detached from the gas tank, poorly cleaned before getting plasticized (by a preceding owner) and went in the engine. Engine rebuilt since.

Model 7 500cm3 1951

Modèle 7

Found in 1989 in Paris in a piteous state (missing body parts, broken forks, engine shell virtually empty).The biggest problem was to find body parts, especially mudguards.Being impossible to find in France, mesurements were taken from the model in the Sammy Miller museum...thank you Sammy!. Back in France, blue prints were made and parts built by a panel beater from raw metal sheet.
After five years of much hard work, patience and research, the owner could at long last ride it (he came to the N'eurton from Paris by the road).
Just remain some finishing details to do.

cadrans réservoir Model 7
Navigator de Luxe 350cm3
Navigator droit

Navigator gaucheThe present owner has succumbed to the charm of the different look of the machine, typical of the sixties. The "de Luxe" version can be equipped with windshield, legshields and two-tone panniers (the last are now available directly from the british NOC).Found in 1999 in a pretty good shape in Luxemburg.
Checking the workshop manual showed some non-standard parts like tyres and silencers.Genuine item shall replace them when found.Owner says that riding this machine is just as easy as a moped (but a bit quicker!).

V1000 Peugeot

The first Norton TT winner's engine, a Peugeot V 1000 could also be found on the 1904 Peugeot.
Peugeot V1000 1904 moteur Peugeot V1000

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