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le premier

Tour de France 2006

88Geoff is on the road again, on his trusty 54' 88 Domie. But this time, fellow club members are on the way too: Dom, Ole, Sylvain, Jean-Marie et Patricia, riding 88 / Venom (?) / Model 7 / ES2.

Model7 ES2 Venom B31/33
2nd day : Charleville Charleville sideCharlevilleBSA Matchless Matchless Charleville

3rd day: Neufchateau Neufchateau St Thomas de Comac St Thomas de Comac St Thomas de Comac
6th day : Villy le Bouveret en passant par St Claude Dom et la Gillet-Herstal de Roland Chez Marco la Fastback de Marco l'Egli Vincent de Daniel l'Egli Vincent de Daniel
7th day : St Marcel-les-Valence pause pipe St Marcel-les-Valence Matchless JPS AJS CCM Triumph cross
images © B. Lesage / G. Scales

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The Norton Owners Club french branch is one of the largest branch of the NOC, founded in 1959.

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